Japan become colder and colder every minutes...

Oh ya, today, i want to show the pictures about a zoo at Saitama's area.
The zoo called Saitama Children's zoo, or in japanese Saitama Kodomo Shizen Doubutsuen.
The nearest station is Takasaka Station, just 50 minutes from Ikebukuro Station, then from Takasaka
station 5 minutes by bus.

One of the main attractions, capybara onsen!


The entrance fee is 610yen for adults.
The zoo area is quite large, so comforable shoes is recommended.
And also better to come here earlier, because as for me, I went there around 13:00, the zoo
closed at 16:30, still did not have an enough time to look for all animals.
Still the zoo have many recommendation courses.
You can check about zoo here.
http://www.parks.or.jp/sczoo/? (only japanese site)

Time for the pictures!~

Kangaroo! you can them!

Wallaby! also can touch them freely.

This is a baby capybara. So cute

The Capybaras are relaxing in the Onsen.

Palla's cat, the size is bigger than noemal cat.

Red panda, did not have enough time for this cute creature, coz of the zoo closing time.

I will definitley come again. Just for this cute creature.

Posted by: trainee (November 25, 2018 7:46 AM)

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