You might have already heard about "MORI building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM by Teamlab" before.

Though 2 staff of Sakura already written about this, I want to write about it too because it was not just amazing but inspiring.

First of all, you definitely better get a ticket online in advance.
I've heard that depends on the day, you will be needed to wait about an hour even if you have a ticket already.



There is many different art, but my favorite one was this "Eorest of Resonation lamps" which reminds me of Disney movie "Rapunzel".



The color of lamps keep changing.
There is a time limit, so if you want to take a picture with your favorite color, you may need to be in the line again and again.


It is called "The way of the sea in the crystal world" and also it was fun but hard to take picture.

This place is Decolated only with tons of LED lights.


Sorry for the lack of good pictures that can tell you how amazing it was.

But i absolutely loved them and I really want to go to the other one in Toyosu called "Teamlab Planets"

If you are looking for something to do in Tokyo, i definitely would recommend you this place!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted by: Rino (November 16, 2018 2:16 PM)

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