Hey, I would like to share with you about Japanese traditional things again for you!

last time I wrote about a food stall.(You can see my previous article)


First topic is "vehicle".

As many forigners know that there is a bullet train called "shinkansen".


It began on octorber 1st 1964 which is nine days before the opening ceremony of the Tokyo olympics.

It has attracted attention from the world as the fastest train!

Normally the ticket is expensive but worth spending money, considering of time needed.

And this is Steam Locomotive train, known by "SL".


It developed a long time ago so you might be not able to see them often since the revolutionary transportation depeloved such as a bullet train.

The one of them is famous in my hometwon"Hitoyoshi", Kumamoto prefecture.

It has been operated often so there are always railfans gather and try to take a picture around the deperture station.

Second topic is "Food".

We have an assorted seafood rice bow called "kaisendon".


Kaisen means fresh and safe.

There are many kind of seafoods assorted on the white rice with special soy sauce.

I know you must be suprised because you do not have a custom of eating a raw seafood.

You should try it if you have a chance.

Finally this is grilled oysters which is my one of favorite food.


We grilled them outside like this a style of BBQ.

As I am writhing about Japanses seafoods,

We produce very fresh and delicious seafood.

So please try to eat them if you are in Japan.

Thank you for reading my blog! BY SUMIRE

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Posted by: Sumire (November 15, 2018 6:08 PM)

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