Hello~ Hi~ Hey~

This is Hanif.

Sometimes, on my day off, usually I will go to a family restaurant nearby my house and I will stay there more than 3 hours.

Just for study Japanese while watching videos.


(Oh ya, talking about family restaurant in Japan, most family restaurants have a ドリンクバー (DRINK BAR )).

DRINK BAR ( a japanglish word)

I can expect most of you cannot understand about this word right?

DRINK BAR is a self- service drink, that you just need to pay a small amount of money, than you can take the drinks as many as you like without the time limits.

At family restaurant, usually for this service, the self-service drink area are prepared, so that you can take it yourself. The types of drinks is usually soft-drinks and of course coffe ( espresso, capucino etc).

That is why I always stay long , for the DRINK BAR.

p/s The only problems is I need to use the toilet quite often.

Posted by: trainee (November 13, 2018 8:22 AM)

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