Hello Everyone! I'm Hiroshi.

Today I will introduce about "Antarctica" that I went to work before.


We can also travel to Antarctica. That's surprised!

I landed on a ship from the Ushuaia located in the south of Argentina in January 2016.

Do you know which country Antarctica belongs to?

Actually, it's the treaty between world countries, so everyone is not to keep that area to themselves.


Antarctica's summer from December to February, it's the best season. Also, at this time you could see a lot of baby penguins!!


Here's the question!

What percentage of the "ice" on Earth is in the Antarctica?

The correct answer is more than 90% of the ice in Antarctica. And if the ice in Antarctica melts completely and becomes water, the height of the sea level rises by about 5 meters.


so Please consider to go to next your trip! !


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Posted by: hiroshi (November 27, 2018 5:55 AM)

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