I would like to share with you about a good thing and rare thing of Japanese convenience stores.

Have you been any convenience store in Japan and bought something?


I think its quality is higher than other countries.

You can buy delicious product foods and cheap such as Rice bowl called Onigiri or a noodles as below pictures.


They are always flesh and useful and something to eat easy.

I though this might be interesting for you.

This is a sign of line up to wait for a check.


I do not think you seldom see this at any kind of stores.

Maybe you can see how much strict against in a rule Japanese people are.Lol


If you are in Japan or going to come to Japan, please try to get in a convenience store once.

If you find out any difference between your own store and Japanese one, please talk to me about it!

By Sumire

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Posted by: Sumire (October 16, 2018 7:15 PM)

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