Hello there! I'm Sayaka, a trainee here.
I went to one unique Izakaya which is themed on early period of Showa era:DD
Just so you know, Showa is the name of the era, which refers to the reign of Showa emperor, the predecessor of the present emperor and lasted for more than 60 years!
You can enjoy the antiquity of Japan here at this Izakaya called "Hakuri Tabei Hambei" :DD
This time, I went to the Ueno branch, but there are so many branches throughout Japan.
First of all, old advertisements are everywhere in the store!!

You can see an old delivery bike and a barber sign too!!


Gekkou Kamen, the television hero in the '50s.


You can hear the popular songs of the early Showa era in the back ground!!

Most importantly, all these foods and drinks are reminiscent of that period and they're all unique, like curry and pasta:DD

My favorite one was this!!


Frozen Tangerine Soda!!

At the exit, you can get traditional Dagashi snacks too:))


Wanna see the another side of Japan, why don't you go and see!?

Posted by: trainee (October 25, 2018 2:27 PM)

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