What is the difference "Nagashi Somen" and "Somen Nagashi"?!?!

Actually I didn't know what "Somen Nagashi" is....
When I visit Kagoshima prefecture, friend taught me.
So this time I had chance to eat Somen nagashi!
About Nagashi Somen,please see my previous blog.

Somen Nagashi can enjoy only summer time.
Flowing water into the machiene.Its like a party :)
Eating somen with rice boal, miso soup and Sashimi.(depends on shop it is bit different)

This? machine imaged by? "Sakurajima"(Symbol mountain in Kagoshima)
In the middle, water comes out its like at volcano.


After catching the noodles, you should dip them in a cup of sauce and eat them.
If you have chance, let's try to eat it!

Posted by: ai (October 16, 2018 12:30 PM)

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