HI, I'm Kazuna from ikebukuro Sakurahotel.

It's been drizzling since this afternoon.

I hope the weather would be fine this weekend.(finger cross!!)

Today, I'll tell about a potluck party during my stay in NZ.

IMG_1653 (1).JPG

Potluck party is a kind of party that pepople bring food that they made.

It was often held during my stay in New Zealand.

First time I heard that , I couldn't understand because it is not so common in Japan.

As I lived longer there, I got used to doing it and really enjoyed it.

The party was usually held in my school every two week,but some of my friends and I held it privately.

This photo was taken when we held a potluck party privately.

My korean and Chinese friends there.


Especially, Mabo Tufu and Dumplings were beautifully tasty!! I really miss thet tastes.

I enjoyed and learned lots of food cultures by a potluck party.

This is one of my cherished memories in my life.


see you next time :)

Posted by: trainee (October 5, 2018 3:18 PM)

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