Hello there! I'm Sayaka, a trainee here.

Are you thinking of visiting Kyoto? Today, I'm gonna show you 2 of my favorite places in Kyoto!!

First of all, the famous Ginkakuji temple!!


Not onky the beautiful structure of the buildings, you can enjoy the sand garden called Ginshadan, with mountain-like object called Kogetudai, which makes a good combination.

The approach to the temple which is built with hedge is absolutely enchanting as well.


Secondly, a pedestrian walk between "Ginkakuji temple and "Eikan-do" temple, named "Philosopher's walk!


As you can see, this road was named after a philosopher called Kitaro Nishita, because he walked along this road for his daily meditation.


This is a monument of this road and the philosopher. His words of wisdom are engraved as well.

As he did, you can have a stroll and feel relaxed, getting out of the hustle and bustle of the city.

You can enjoy the different attractions from season to season at each site, for example, cherry blossoms in spring, winter scenery, and now in autumn, colored foliage!!

If you have a chance, don't miss the chance to enjoy the colored scenery now!!! It must be breathtaking:))

Bye for now!!

Posted by: trainee (October 30, 2018 3:29 PM)

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