Hi guys it's Rino

Hope you guys doing well.

Few weeks ago, I went on a short trip to Barcelona and Paris and had delicious food there.
So i would like to share what I ate in Barcelona this time.

So the first day in Barcelona, as soon as we dropped our back in a hostel, went to have lunch and started off with this big pinacolada.

It was bigger than our face.


And had this gorgeous paella too <3


It was very very good.
I've eaten Paella in Japan few time at some restaurant, it's kinda similar to fried rice for me but the real one was more like risotto.

This is 1? fruits juice that we got at one of the most famous market in Barcelona.


For the last night in Barcelona, we had paella again and pizza with iberian ham.


The pizza was amazing. We really loved iberian ham so much.

My spanish friends told me that they don't eat rice for dinner.
So for them, it's weird we are eating paella for dinner but who cares! lol

I have other photos of food from Barcelona trip in my camera, so I'd like share those one day too!

Let us know some delicious food that we should eat when in Barcelona.

Hope you have a good morning/day/night !!!

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Posted by: Rino (October 5, 2018 5:46 PM)

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