Hello everyone! I'm HIROSHI.

Today, I will introduce about "disaster prevention tour". We held on 16th September.

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We are planning various events for foreign guests during stay our hotel.

For example, walking tours, festivals and so on.

We held "Disaster Privation Tour" tie-up with related groups in September.

Japan is rich in nature and has popular for tourist spot of foreigners, However, many earthquakes and typhoons occur, so Japan suffers a lot of damage all over the prefectures every year.

Japanese people have been facing this kind of natural disasters since childhood. Also we Japanese have the habit of taking the disaster prevention experience.

A lot of guests participated, such as Switzerland, France and Australia on that day.


First, watched video what "disaster prevention" at the special theater, they've learned four different types of things, "earthquake" , "storm" , "fire" and "flooding".

In the video introduction, there was English subtitles, it was very easy to understand contents.

And general Japanese guests also participated, especially with families.


We will be held in October, "Sake tasting tour".

If you're interested, please feel free to ask our staff when you come to the hotel.

Please note that only our guests could join.

We're looking forward to seeing you!!

Posted by: hiroshi (October 1, 2018 1:44 AM)

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