Hello everyone. I'm Hiroshi.

Today, I will introduce about " Malaysia and Singapore" which I went to work before.

Just now time, I'm writing a blog and working with Malaysian staff.


Malaysia and Singapore is a popular country where the temperature is mild and many tourists, like Asian and Japanese tourists visited all through the year,.


The sea was wonderful color of emerald green and very beautiful!!

When I went, I could not swim because I visited with the customer. I definitely would like to try to swimming next time.

mari-na mae.jpgtennboupu-ru.jpg

In Singapore, I stayed at Marina Bay Sands Hotel where big ship is famous.

A superb view from the observation pool on the rooftop, everyone would like to see it once again!


There are plenty of fun places to enjoy, such as a large Ferris wheel, zoo, delicious dish of Asian taste, so Please consider to go to next your trip! !


Posted by: hiroshi (October 26, 2018 2:03 AM)

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