Hello everyone! I'm Hiroshi!

Recently, "Hot Days" continues, please do take care of yourself well.
By the way, I will introduce today about "Cambodia" Because of hot country throughout the year.
I went there five years ago so it may have changed...

In recent years, the economic development is remarkable in Cambodia.

Such as World Heritage Angkor Wat are attracting spot as a majority of tourist.

Here is the flag of Cambodia.

The national flag changed according to ages. Angkor wat is drawn as ethnic pride, and it's also used for the current flag.


I also went to Angkor Wat.

It was an archaeological site built during the Khmer period (800 - 1400) and was registered as a World Heritage Site in 1992.

There are also sunrise and evening sightseeing tours and it's a popular spot for many tourists.

There are reliefs and stone statues everywhere in buildings in ruins.

Some reliefs of the statue, it's about 3 meters in height and more than 300 meters in length. The relief drawn on the theme of the story is also very beautiful.


This is one piece taken with a recommended shooting spot!

That name is "upside-down encore"! If you have any chance to go there, please try to take a picture!


Posted by: hiroshi (September 1, 2018 12:26 AM)

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