I would like to share with you my trip story of South America.

On the way to take a trip around Central through South Ameria taking a with a local guide,

We passed through a border between Chile and Bolivia.

I was so impressed with very beautilful nature?surrounding such as a mountain and a river.



The most surprising thing was to exit hotspring on the higher place in the mountain.

Can you believe that?LOL


Some of my friends tried to take the bath.

Unfortunately, I got sick that time so I was not able to enjoy the hotspring....


They said that it was not so hot but made you feel good more than you expected.

There were some people taking the bath!

I would like to try it next time!

This hotspring located at Salar de chalviri in Bolivia, called "Aguas termales de Polques".


If you have a chance to travel in Bolivia, I highly recommend you to take a bus trip like I did!

You will be very welcome to talk with me about my trip!

Posted by: Sumire (September 8, 2018 2:27 PM)

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