I'm trainee Ayako.

I was worked here as trainee 2 month ago.
I came back again here after I worked in Sakura hotel Hatagaya and Nippori.

Please let me introduce myself once again.

I worked as a sale travel company for 4 years.
I retired desiring to go to study in Korea.
After that I saved money and went to study in Korea.
I lived in Korea for 1 year and 7 months.

I would like to write things that are remembered in Korea life.
I would like to introduce each city skyline and soul food

1. Han River

I was happy to felt really felt beer and chicken drinking while watching the river.



2. Busan (Changwon)

Busan is the atmosphere of a rural town.
The place called "Changwon" is rich in nature and has many markets.
Matcha tiramisu I ate here was the most delicious.



3. Jeju island

I also went Jeju Island.
This is the sea near the airport.
Seafood pot and abalone porridge were very delicious.



Although I liked Korea too, I realized again the goodness of Japanese culture when I came back to Japan !!!!

The location of Sakura Hotel 5 stores is convenient for sightseeing because it is located in the tourist center of Tokyo !!!!

We welcom you anytime ^ ^

Posted by: trainee (September 5, 2018 2:06 PM)

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