On 23rd September, there was Fukuro Festival held at Ikebukuro.

You can see what the festival is by previous blog

We walked to the meeting place together, 7 guests and 3 staffs!


Once you get there, you need to get change the uniform called "Happi".


They seemed to be surprised with those items such as they saw for the first time.Lol

But also they look so happy!!!!

We practiced how to carry the potable shrine.


You say "Wasshoi, Wasshoi".

And we were served light meal, a rice bowl and a tea before beginning the festival.

There was so tension-filled place to start, we were ready and supper excited!!!!!!

This portable shrine is more heavy than you expected.


All our guest was doing their best for carring it which made us impressed!


Afterward, we had a buffet dinner and a beer.


We are so glad to hear that they had a great experience and nice dinner.

On a personal note, I got sore on my shoulder...

If you are planing to stay at Sakura Hotel during the festival feld,

please join us next time!

It will be a perfect experience in your life :)


Posted by: Sumire (September 24, 2018 8:07 PM)

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