Hello! Hey! Hai!

This is Staff Hanif.

I have a good news for myself. Actually I passed JLPT N1.
JLPT is Japanese-Language Proficiency test. The test has 5 levels. N1~ N5. N1 is the hardest level.
In Japan, jobs hunting and universities' entrance, you need at least N2.
Usually you can pass N2 just only study japanese for 1 years, but you need to work hard.

My JLPT N1 certificate

Put that aside, well, last time I went to Nissan Crossing building at Ginza with Malaysian guests.
Our main purpose is because of this!

Yup! Crossing Cafe! You can print your own face on top of the drinks.(Macchi-art)
I thought the? price will be expensive, but it's quite cheap. 400yen!

At the same time, I did enjoy myself by uro-uro in the building, looking at Nissan's cars exhibition.

Nissan Concept 2020 Vision, Grand Turismo

Nissan IMx Kuro

If you go to Ginza, do not forget to go to Nissan Crossing. It's free.

Posted by: trainee (September 11, 2018 1:24 AM)

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