Every year we join the carrying MIKOSHI Festival called FUKURO MATSURI.

It is held at just Ikebukuro area which is kind of local but one of the biggest event!

If you are wondering about MIKOSHI, I can show you as below.


We believe that a deity is in the portable Shinto shrine called Mikoshi.

When a deity is transported from a main shrine to a new shrine or during a festival, we use Mikoshi that is similar construction to the main shrine.

The reason why we join it every year is there is connection to neighborfood
and we have committed to keep our relationship better.

【How to carry the portable shrine?】

If you are worried that you do not know hoe to carry it, NO WORRIES!

We practice with every participants before starting the festival.


You can learn a shout that you have to say "Wasshoi".

Maybe the best part of your memories is to wear a happi and Jikatabi like this↓


In total, you spend to walk through the main street in Ikebukuro for an hour and a half to end to the arrival point.

After that, you can have buffet style dinner all together!!!


I am sure you can have a wonderful and unforgettable memory during your stay.

If you are staying on 23rd September and interested in the event,

Please send this e-mail [email protected]


See you at the festival!

Posted by: Sumire (August 27, 2018 4:51 PM)

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