Hello. This is Ryo.

Few days ago, I went to Shonan area to play beach soccer!

This time is introduce about Shonan Area!

Beach soccer or beach football is playing at the beach!

And it is vey similar to football but team menber of 5 people and 12 minutes × 3 times.

I was play football when I was child but Beach football is new feeling for me!

Because it is too hard to play on the beach. But it will be fun!

Im sorry, I forgot to take a ppictures:( Maybe next time!

Shonan area is very fanous in this season.

Sea bathing, surfing, beach vollyball, a lot of water spots and activity

You can see the beautiful sunset!

And shonan area is near to Kamakura city!

There is my favorite place:D

Locaed Shonan Daira! There is top of mountain!

Shonan is very fun place!

Ikebukuro(JR Yamanote Line) - Shinjuku (Odakyu Line) - katase Enoshima station

:approximately about 100 minutes, 790yen

see you


Posted by: trainee (August 16, 2018 4:37 AM)

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