I met "Mr.Poldej Worachat" who made "Curlicue art" by himself 5 years ago.
He taught this art in Taiwan,Thailand,Moldiv and Japan temporally.
(Futher infomation about Curlicue art is the end of this blog)

He taught me how to enjoy Curlicue art today!!
First, we did Meditation for 5 min.
Feel nothing,,,deep breath and relax,,,it is really important for this art.

Curlicue art is just writing circles continuously.

(write a single stroke)
It looks easy, however you need concentrate so much for writing.
When you feel tired, just stop and relax,then continue again and again.
During Make Small circle,just concentrate on my own.


He showed some Curlicue Art as below.

After workshop,he gave me Homework.

Before he checked out, i have to show him my first work!!
Thank you very much and nice to meet you!!!

it was first time to learn this kind of work,I really enjoy it!


Poldej Worachat has been an active member of the Scout Movement since joining the Scouts in 1967. The wood badge Scout Leader is the Assistant Commissioner of the National Scout Organization of Thailand (NSOT), advisor for the sub-committee of the International Commissioner of NSOT and Messengers of Peace National Coordinator for the Asia-Pacific Region. In this interview, he shares about his passion for Curlicue art and Scouting, and how this art form can be used to promote peace.

Why Curlicue art?

This art form is defined as "a drawing with expressionist style combined with the artist's philosophical perception of nature and life". The curly lines are expressions of my passion for my faith, for nature and for Scouting.

When and how did you learn to create Yukyur or Curlicue art?

After a visit to the Maldives many years ago, I was awestruck by the beauty of the Maldivian sea. I felt the need to preserve that experience by creating a piece of art. I picked up a gel pen and began to draw freely, creating curly lines that flowed according to my imagination. In time, they developed into pebble-like stones that represent different elements of nature.

Who was it that inspired you to combine Scouting and art?

B-P was a fine artist and he created a lot of sketches and water paintings in his lifetime. Impressed and inspired by his works of art, I decided to combine Curlicue art with Scouting. I've produced close to 200 drawings so far and some of them have been replicated on postcards which are sold to raise funds for the underprivileged young people in Korat, Thailand.

How does Curlicue art benefit young people?

Creating Curlicue art is fun! Apart from that, I find that it stimulates creativity and imagination in young people, who in the process, learn to be more focused and disciplined. Anybody can pick up this hobby, even those in less developed countries. All you need is a gel pen and paper to get started.

How does Curlicue art bring across the message of peace?

To create Curlicue art, one needs to be mindful, positive and calm. Therefore, I'm confident that young people who take up this art form will develop inner peace, which will help them cultivate a more peaceful and gentle behaviour - making them more effective Messengers of Peace.

Poldej's articles on Scouting are featured regularly in a Thai Magazine and he has created a series of postcard to raise funds for underprivileged children as well as the promotion of art and peace in Scouting.

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