Hello everyone, I'm Hiroshi.

Recently I'm interested in driving, and I went to hot springs in Yamanashi prefecture with my friend at the midnight. Today I will introduce about it.


Japan being a volcanic archipelago, it has many hot springs.

There are said to be over 20,000 hot spring resorts nationwide, but only one-third of them use natural hot spring water.

Have you ever seen this mark?


It used on the map to symbol of hot springs. This mark also has some means. "It means that you could get to effect by hot springs if you take a bath three times".

For example, protect from a cold, recovery from fatigue etc.

So there are three lines on that mark. Further, it's recommended that we take a bath from where we want to cure.

I went to the "Hottarakashi Hot Spring". There is a famous place with an outdoor bath.

"Hottarakashi" mean that Untouch or Frankly in English.

Have you ever gone "Mt. Fuji"? If the weather is nice, you could see the Mt. Fuji while bathe. Refreshing our body in the morning bath! We were sleeping in the car!


There are various hot spring spots in Japan, when you come to Japan, trying on hot springs for sightseeing!

Posted by: hiroshi (August 6, 2018 3:56 AM)

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