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It's still hot and humid in Jupan, but I feel Summer is close to an end.

Please enjoy your "summer".

As you guys know, you can only drink "Matcha Frappuccino" in Starbucks Coffee Japan.

Also you can custom all drink as you like.


These day, I'm into Matcha Frappuccino with extra matcha powder.

It's ease to order, Just say " extra matcha powder please"



You can feel more matcha taste definitely!!

Besides it's free!!


Please try it!!

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Dear all

Sakura House held its 5th Karaoke Event in Ginza and the first stop is at 300 Bar 5 Chome.

Last night was tiring as we all have sing our heart out! YEAH !!!? but a superb fun night.

For all Karaoke lover stay tune for more update and hope to see you all during the next event!!!

Read more for more update about this event........

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Hoy voy a poner algunas fotos que hice hace algunos días cuando me dí un paseo desde la zona de Ginza hasta la estación central de Tokio.


Monumento a Godzilla en Ginza (Tokio). Hasta el año pasado había otro diferente con el aspecto más clásico de este dinosaurio radioactivo que es ya todo un icono en Japón.

Ese monumento ha sido trasladado a una nueva ubicación y en su lugar tenemos esta nueva imagen de la última película llamada en occidente Godzilla Resurgence.


El edificio del teatro Kabuki en Tokio se inauguró en el año 1889, ha sido destruido por un incendio, por bombardeos en la guerra y en 2010 también fué derruido por problemas en las estructura.

Se ha vuelto a levantar y hoy en día luce así de estupendo.

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Every year we join the carrying MIKOSHI Festival called FUKURO MATSURI.

It is held at just Ikebukuro area which is kind of local but one of the biggest event!

If you are wondering about MIKOSHI, I can show you as below.


We believe that a deity is in the portable Shinto shrine called Mikoshi.

When a deity is transported from a main shrine to a new shrine or during a festival, we use Mikoshi that is similar construction to the main shrine.

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Hello!~ Hey~ Hai~

This is Hanif. Did I told you guys that I loves cats? ( I don't think so)

Well, last Wednesday I went to cat cafe . This cat cafe is located at Koshigaya Laketown. Originally, I just want

to use my day-off by uro-uro( wandering) in the Koshigaya Laketown mall.

But! Then i saw this cat cafe called CAT CAFE MOCHA.
Oh my..... you know, when you are cat lover, you cannot resist the feeling to touch that meows.
So, I ended up entering this Cat Cafe. Haiz....

I don't know why, but most of the cat is sleeping at that time. hmm...

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Hello! I'm Yasu from Sakura hotel Ikebukuro.
Today I'm going to introduce one of my hobbies making GUNDAM model.


The other day, I made a GUNDAM model, Real Grade Wing Gundam Zero Custom Endless Walt.
Gundam model has some grade, Perfect Grade, Master Grade, Real Grade, High Grade and SD Grade. The Gundam model which I made this time belongs to Real Grad, and this Grade is so small, 1/144 size but has a lot of small parts.


It took me 3 hours to make it, but looks so cool and beautiful isn't it?
Next time I will paint this model with airbrush. Looking forward to it!!


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We will have The Disaster Prevention Tour by Tokyo City Guide Club on 16, September.

Since the Great East Japan Earthquake, Japanese people have become more conscious for disaster prevention.

We would like our guests to experience a Disaster Prevention and learn about it in case of disaster.

The center provides a disaster prevention experience tour (earthquake experience, fire extinguishing experience, smoke experience etc..)

In the tour, visitors can go through two hours of disaster prevention experience with an instractor.


Please participate in this opportunity!!!


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