hi guys

It's Rino your favorite blogger or whateva

I'm writing about "My favorites in Tokyo" this time.

1.Shin-okubo area


↑Cheese dak galbi (You should try it if you are a cheese lover)

If you are from Korea or just miss Korean food, don't worry.

Shin-okubo is kind of Korean town where manyyyyy Korean people live and Korean restaurants located.

There are also many Korean beauty shops and idol goods shops!

2. Eating shaved ice


↑Fruits shaved ice (Naniwaya Asakusa)

It's for this season.

If you go google it you can find so many places where you can have shaved ice, they all are different and not just the shaved ice!

3. Cat café


Personally, I'm not a big fan of 〇〇〇café things, but if you like cats or animals maybe it's worth trying!!

So relaxing.

4. Harajuku Cat street



Hrajuku Takeshita street is very popular and always busy with many people.

But do not forget Cat street too. It's located between Harajuku and Shibuya area and not that busy as Takeshita street but there are many vintage shops, cute cafes, modern Tokyo cloth shops.

Our guests request some suggestions of where to go, it's easy just showing them a guide book but I'm sure there's more and more cool things to do in Tokyo!

I'll keep updating you guys here if I find somewhere nice :D

Posted by: Rino (July 8, 2018 5:20 PM)

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