Did you know that there are beautiful Islands in TOKYO??


All islands are accessible by passenger ferry and jet ferry from
Takeshiba (Passenger ship terminal) where is 7 min walk from Hamamatsucho station.


Oshima is one of most puoplar Islands and largest and closest.


Oshima is good to hike a volcano "Mihara yama".


Shikinejima is so small islands and cars are not required.?
There are several natural free onsen in Shikinejima.



There are emerald and beatiful seas in Shikinejima.



One of our Italian guest asked me how to get there.

I was really happy to hear from our guest asking me about Tokyo's Islands.

He is going to Oshima and Shikinejima for a week.

I've booke a passenger ship and accommodation for him.

Hope he will enjoy a trip in the islands!

I'm looking forward to his re-check in.


Posted by: nanami (July 29, 2018 5:46 PM)

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