Hello everyone! I'm Hiroshi.

When working at Sakura Hotel that I'll have the opportunity to meet and talk with many guests every day.

I think, the hotels work and cruises work are similar, regarding to accommodate guests.

So, today I will introduce about cruise ship. Because I used to working on the ship.


Depending on the size of cruise ship, it's possible to place about 5,000 passengers on a large one.

The large one has 18 stories, The passenger expresses it as "moving resort hotel on ocean".


The inside ship split into an accommodation area and a public area.

"Main Dining" where guests eating, "Theater" where entertainment is performed such as musicals and magic shows, "Shopping area" selling original goods, and There is a "Pool & Jacuzzi" at the top.


Then guest room is split into 4 types.

There is no window "inside", a window with "sea side", a private balcony with "sea side balcony", and a bathtub attached "suite".


You could go to the next sightseeing spot while you sleeping, and enjoy traveling slowly.

Why don't you make some memories with crews and other guests on board?

umi huukei.jpg

Let's experience intercultural!

Thank you for reading!!


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Posted by: hiroshi (July 25, 2018 6:13 AM)

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