Hello! This is from Ikebukuro, Sumire!

On 5th July, there was an Event held "Kawagoe Tour Guided by Kawagoe Goodwill Ambassador".

Kawagoe is a city located in Saitama prefecture which is neighborhood of Tokyo.


Unfortunately, it was raining all the time.

She is Kawagoe Ambassador, Ms. Ariya!(who can speak English well and familiar with Kawagoe area and culture well)


First visited place, "Japanese tea and sweets shop".


We learned about history of Nerikiri, Dorayaki and Daifuku.


He explaned as we eat!!!!


And we trid to make some tea "Green tea, Roasted green tea and Japanese black tea".

They have their own specific recip which is a supprising to know for even me.

After this section, we took a walk Principal street


Old town atmosphere street


"Kashiya Yokocho" (Penny Candy Alley)


You can feel like you are in Edo era.


If you have not been Kawagoe yet, please visit or join our tour next time!!!!

Thank you for joining us★

Posted by: Sumire (July 7, 2018 1:03 PM)

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