Hello everyone, I'm Hiroshi.

Today I will introduce about the Goshuin. Have you ever seen this stamp?


Briefly, it's something like a certificate that you've worshiped at a shrine or temple.

The chief priest writes down the names and dates of the shrines and temples.

Normally it takes 300 to 500 yen to write it, but I'm recommended as a souvenir to foreign tourists.

Some Japanese people are buying a Goshuin-Cho that collecting of Goshuin.

It's okay even if you don't have Goshuin-Cho. They can write it on paper.


~How to get the Goshuin~

First, let's pay over when you arrive at a shrine or temple.


Two bows and two clapping then one bows. This is a common way.


Then let's have a Goshuin after the visit. You can give it about 10 minutes.


The Goshuin coupled with the beautiful brush strokes are very attractive.

The way in which the characters are written and the stamps vary from place to place, so this is one of the things I look forward to seeing when get one written out for me.

Thank you for reading.


Posted by: hiroshi (July 4, 2018 9:46 PM)

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