Maybe... most of people traveling Tokyo have visited Meiji Shrine in Sibuya-ku.

Meiji Shrine is the best place to visit because there is nature and quite.

So it makes you relaxed!!!!

Big Torii welcome you into the path to main torii.


You need to walk throught for about 20-30 minutes.


But there are some interesting things to see.


Barrels of Sake↑

You can see this such a beautiful Torii with so big tree!!!


Even for me, it was impressive.

Especailly, after walking a lot, it will be worth it!

There is a prettty cafe in front of main entrence which is first picture.

IF you get tired during traveling,


maybe the best enegy is sweets, isn't it?

And if you have not been yet, please visit here!

BY Sumire from Ikebukuro

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Posted by: Sumire (July 10, 2018 8:22 PM)

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