We hold an event on 24th, June!!!

[Sugamo Jizo-dori street & Tokyo streetcar Free walking tour by Tokyo City Guide Club]


Sugamo (巣鴨) is a shopping district along Tokyo's Yamatote Line.
Jizo Dori street is also known as the "Old Ladies' Harajuku".
There are over 200 shops that sell clothing, traditional food and other goods.

The Tour will strat from Sugamo Station.


⇒Go to Jizo-Dori shopping street


Shopping and eating while a walk :)



⇒Get on Toden(Street car) from Koushinzuka station and get off Koji station.
TODEN is a streetcar system that is served between the historic neighborhoods
Waseda and Minowa in the northern area of Central Tokyo.


⇒Go to Bunknote&Postage Stamp Museum



⇒Go to Hoku Topia Obsevatory


We are looking forward to seeing you in this event;)

Sign up : Email us [email protected]
*This event is for only our guests from SAKURA HOTEL/HOSTEL/HOUSE.

Have a good one!

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