My name is Ayako Shinohara.

I'm a new stuff of Sakura Hotel "IKEBUKURO".

I can speak Korea !!!!
I am studying to speak English as well as Korean !!!!

I will upload a brief self-introduction and photos.
If you click 【READ MORE】 after the picture,You can see other pictures.

I like everything of Korea and I can upload many photos of Korea.
But today I will upload different photos.

I will introduse my life and my favarite.

1. travel !!!!!!!

This is a picture of Hong Kong trip that I went to a week before I start a job.
This is a famous monster mansion in the location of movie location of "transformer".
The impression was very great and I was very impressed.


2. alcohol !!!!!!!
I like alcohol.
I especially like wine.
I like both white wine and red wine.
This is a picture holding a wine party for employment celebration with my friends.

"Sakura Hotel Cafe" also offers over 60 kinds of world beers.
Please come our Hotel !!!!!!

3. Sakura Hotel

Next is ....
This is a picture of a public bath I found when I took a walk around Ikebukuro on the first day of my work at "Sakura Hotel".
The good old Japanese traditional bathhouse is located 7 minutes on foot from "Sakura Hotel".

hot spring
※ It is not a hot spring ※

There are also many amusements in the vicinity of the hotel, aquarium, cinema, shopping center, theater and more.
There is also a real hot spring in the near.
We are waiting for your reservation.

By Ayako .

Posted by: trainee (June 21, 2018 2:14 PM)

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