Hello hello ^^

This is Hanif from Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro.

Today, i want to introduce about a translate application that you can you when you are travveling in Japan.

When i was an university student in Japan, there is an application that i used when i want to study Japanese.
Then i realised that this application is quite useful if you need translate when you are in Japan.
The application is LINE. YES, LINE!

Actually LINE can help you translate when you have problem to communicate with Japanese.

To use this translation, you need to have LINE.
If you do not have LINE, you need to download it at Apple store for iphone user or Google play for android user.

Then, you need to search for it at LINE (add friends).
open LINE⇒ add friends⇒ official account recommendations⇒ type 通訳, (meaning translation)
it should come out like below
1. orange, 英語通訳(english translation)
2. blue, 韓国語通訳 (korean translation)
3. red, 中国語通訳 (chinese translation)

Add friend to which translation you want to use. Then, you can use it.
This is the example.
Example, you need hot water, but they cannot understand english.
Type hot water.
then, Line will translate it to 湯.
Just show it to them, then they will get it.

Easy right
Please use it. ^^
P/S Personal opinion, This apps is better than Google translate when you want to type a long sentences.

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Posted by: trainee (June 11, 2018 4:42 PM)

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