Hello I'm Hiroshi!!

2018 FIFA World Cup has finally held. I love football and supporters paying attention to this event around the world.

What do you think which team will win?? Let's support them!!

Well today I'd like to introduce "Russia" where the World Cup has held.

I had the opportunity to go there at work and visited St Petersburg.


There are four seasons in Europe as well as in Japan. I think , the best season from spring to autumn.

The summer vacation is during to July to September, the sightseeing spots are very crowded with families on that time. I recommend you avoid that time if you possible.

St. Petersburg is a representative tourist spot in Russia.

You could see like an onion church around the city.

There are many sightseeing spots. For example a beautiful garden, a famous Hermitage Museum and any church.


You can get a lot of various experiences at Russia.

Please plan your trip if you any chance!


Thank you for reading!!


Posted by: trainee (June 22, 2018 4:11 PM)

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