I'm Hiroshi with trainee.

The rainy season begins!. Take care your health.

Well, I went to see the hydrangea in Kamakura the other day, so today I will introduce about it.

To the Kamakura area, if you use the Shonan Shinjuku Line, you can take to get to there about one hour from Ikebukuro station.

To "Tokeiji" in Kitakamakura!


It looks like a Zen temple built in the 1200's, and hydrangea became the best time to see in early June.


Hydrangea is a representative flower by the rainy season of Japan, By the way, flower language seems to be "patient love"


When I went there, I had made a special public of "Iwagarami" which is one of hydrangea varieties.

【Period MAY 19th-JUNE 10th

It was very mysterious, blooming all over the wall!


Have you ever tried Japanese sweets?

It is a sweet made by imagining the four seasons and you can enjoy not only taste but also appearance. By the way it has been made with flowers motif.

【Period JUNE 1st-17th


Both the hydrangea and the tea shop are near the end of term. If this year is hard to go there, please visit next year!

Thank you for reading!!


Posted by: trainee (June 15, 2018 3:24 AM)

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