Hello I'm Hiroshi.

On Sunday, June 24th, we held an event of "Sugamo Walking Tour" at Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro with accompanying volunteer guide.
This event for Sakura Hotel guests and Sakura House users. And we're planning various events at every month.


The weather was good and holiday on that day, so there is open many food stalls at the shopping street.


Various nationalities such as Indonesia, Sweden and Australia participated this event and I looked like they were very fun. They were watching the old street, viewing spot and Japanese shrine.


During the tour, Our especially excitement were about the each other 's passport.
It's printed cherry blossoms in Japan, In the case of Australia's printed famous animals such as koala and kangaroo, Amd Sweden's a maps of their town.
It was very precious time!!


We will be held in the future, please feel free to inquire when you come to the hotel.


Thank you very much your inquiry.


Posted by: hiroshi (June 26, 2018 5:59 PM)

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