Hello everyone!
Do you know that Sakura cafe is probably the only place in Ikebukuro that you grab an affordable breakfast,
while dining with people from all over the world?

By the way, our breakfast is only 350 yen!
Are you hungry? That's good news for you because all of the breakfast is free-flow!
(This consists of bread, soup, tea, and our daily hand-made soup by our chefs)

0813 南アフリカ 空手グループ 愉快な先生達 朝食.jpg

Here's our guest from Australia and South Africa sharing a table and chatting during breakfast!

0907 スペインファミリー 朝食.jpg

Hola, como estas? These are our guests from Spain!
By the way, do you know that you can also enjoy our breakfast even if you are not staying in our hotel?
Speaking about breakfast around Ikebukuro, the first thing people comes in mind is Sakura Cafe!


Lastly, our staffs are always dedicated at drawing the? board!
We are always finding ideas to draw everyday!
Take notice the next time you come here.

Have a big-breakfast!

Posted by: ultraman (May 10, 2018 3:37 AM)

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