Hi guys.

It's Lino from Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro.

Let me talk about some of our lovely guests who stayed here last month.

James from the US, Santa Cruz


This fun fashionable gentleman stayed a few days with us.

He told us that he owns a beauty school in Santa Cruz and showed us some pictures of runway he has done at his school.

Hope he come back here with his students next time :)

Cuties from New Caledonia


Awww these lil two nuggets melt us.

They gave us blow kisses every time they passed by the front desk :p
Chooo kawaiiiiii

Karate players from Russia and South Africa


In April, there was a karate tournament holding in Tokyo and so many Karate players stayed at Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro.

Guys wearing green uniform are from South Africa.
They were friendly and respectful, a funny thing for me was that they call each other "Sensei". (means teacher in Japanese)

The guy standing in the middle is one of the champions of the tournament.



Can you tell how tall he is?
He's 194 cm tall :o Look at the difference between Shikamai! haha

Best friends from Germany


They are traveling together once in every year since 2006 and they finally chose Japn for this year.

Have you noticed their tshirts?

Yes, it's an original t-shirts that their face printed!


It's written "人生は短すぎてビールをあきらめない" (life is too short to give up on drinking beer)

Such a nice shirt :D

We hope to see lovely people from all around the world this month too!

Posted by: Rino (May 8, 2018 12:41 PM)

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