Cats! Cats! Cats!!!

Have you been to Gotokuji Temple already? Let us know what you thought!


Getting there:

Address: 2−2−24−7, Gōtokuji, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 154-0021

Take the Odakyu Line and get off at Gotokuji station. Follow the tracks south for 10 minutes.


I went to Gotokuji temple to see a large mount of Maneki-neko.

It was amazing!! Cats everywhere!

IMG_7630 (1).JPG

Gotokuji temple is a famous tourist hotspot for foreigner's and Japanese alike.


Maneki Neko Here, There, and Everywhere :)


This is reason why a large amount of Maneki neko in Gotokuji temple,
considering Gotoku-ji is thought to be the place where maneki neko statues were first made.
Also,People return their maneki neko after it has helped their wishes come true.



This temple is definitely a great place to experience a different side of Tokyo.

Please add Gotokuji temple to plan, if you would like to look for peaceful place in Tokyo!


Posted by: nanami (May 7, 2018 4:14 PM)

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