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Hi guys^^
This is Hanif from Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro.

When you come to Japan, some of you might think that Japan's transportations cost are quite expensive. Especially, when you go to many places by train in one day.
Actually, in Japan they have a (SPECIAL TICKET PASS) for the unlimited rides in certain area exchange with limited times. The limited times are usually valid for 1 day to 3 days.

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What the local speciality in your country?
My home town" Yokohama,(Kanagawa pre.)"? local speciality food is "Kiyoken Shumai (Chinese Pork dumplings)"!
I joined Factory tour of Kiyoken last month.

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You know, Japanese people love lunch boxes ( box-packed lunches).

Many adults bring their box-packed lunches to their offices or colleges as well as kids to schools.

With that practice as a background, you will see many box-packed meals at train stations, super markets and so on.

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Hi guys!!^^
This is Hanif from Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro.

hmm, Japan become hotter and hotter everyday...T.T (maybe)
so, i recommended you guys to do indoor activities rather than outdoor activities.

for example, bowling, karaoke, or aquarium。

Oh ya, about aquarium, actually I went to Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa last Saturday.
The aquarium is located 400 meter from Jr Shinagawa station.
the fee is 2,200yen for 1 person.

The entrace

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Hello hellooo this is Shikamai from Sakura hotel Ikebukuro--!!
It is getting hotter day by day in Tokyo.
The highest tempeture was 27 degrees! It was like a little summre.

That's why when one of Thai guest check-in today, I could not help saying "Ohhh I also want to drink! "


Yeah they opened beers with great sonds PSSSSSSSSST !
Ahh what a happy vacation moment!

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We had Design Festa Event Vol,47 on 5/12 and 5/13 at Tokyo Big Sight.


Last time we sold Homemade Rusks from all over the world.


This time we sold ... UDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Good morning! I'm Hiroshi with trainee.

Today I will introduce recommended places in the sightseeing spots!

It's a world heritage Miyajima in Hiroshima prefecture of Japan!

Have you ever been to there?

Miyajima is registered as a world heritage place and it's one of Japan's leading sightseeing places. Many tourists visit both Japanese and foreigners throughout the year.

We need to take a ferry to go to Miyajima.

unnamed (5).jpg

We can see the deer when arrive at Miyajima, It seems that deer used to swim in the ocean for food.

unnamed.jpgunnamed (3).jpg

And walk down the shopping street to Itsukushima shrine in the world heritage area!

You can see a different view depending on the time!

unnamed (1).jpgunnamed (2).jpg

If you stay at Miyajima you can see such a fantastic scenery in the evening.

unnamed (4).jpg

I think you can have a relaxing time.

Please visit!


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Welcome to Tokyo :)

Please do not miss our events during your stay!


We hold events every month from each Hotel/Hostel !!

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