Hello this is Shikamai from Sakura hotel ikebukuro.

If you come to Japan in the spring, you will see many Japanese people wear a mask.
Some Sakura staffs do that like this.


Guess why???
You might be able to figure it out through Leo's face. haha.
We are suffering from something.

The reason is...... hayfever!!!!!
Hayfever became the national disease nowadays...
I also suffer from hayfever.
Hate pollen!!!

So If you feel weird wearing a mask in Japan , please understand it.
We really want to take off a mask :-<

Speaking of a mask, I saw cute guest today.


Same as Japanes peopel !
I forgot to sak her why she was wearing a mask.
I wonder maybe just copy us?? haha :-) Very very cute.


She is the member of the group trip from Malaysia.
Thay had stayed for about 2 weeks one floor as a private.
Thank you so much!!!! Terima kasih banyak!!!!
See you next year :-)

Posted by: shikamai (April 2, 2018 6:20 PM)

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