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Hanami literally means "flower viewing", however, it commonly refers only to cherry blossomviewing. Cherry blossom viewing is easy: Simply enjoy the intensity of the many blossoms by looking at a single tree or a group of trees. From a distance, the trees appear as beautiful clouds, while the beauty of single blossoms can be enjoyed from a close distance.

Cherry blossoms are also especially beautiful in combination with a castle, temple or shrine. In some places the blossoms are lit up in the evening, which makes an amazing sight.

Hanami can be just a stroll in the park, but it traditionally also involves a picnic party under the blooming trees. Hanami parties have been held in Japan for many centuries, and today are held in public and private gardens and parks across the country. Famous cherry blossom spots can get very crowded, and the best picnic spots are fought after.

In especially popular places it is common practice to reserve a picnic spot long before the party is held. The typical practice is to spread one's picnic sheet early in the morning and either mark it with the group's name and party's starting time or to have somebody positioned there during the whole day until the rest of the group arrives after work. But note that in some parks it is forbidden to leave sheets unattended.

Hanami Manners


Treat the trees carefully. Do not pull on or shake branches. Do not pick blossoms. Don't climb the trees. Don't stand on the trees' roots.


Take proper care of your garbage. Note that some parks do not have garbage bins. Be prepared to take your garbage home.


Check and respect local rules. They differ from park to park. Many parks do not allow barbecuing. Some have a curfew in the evenings. A few do not allow alcoholic beverages.


We recommend the new spring's menu!

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Design Festa 47th is to be held at
Tokyo Big Sight
on May 12th (Sat.)and 13th(Sun.).

Design Festa is an international art event and a celebration of the arts at which anyone regardless of age,nationality, talents or language can exhibit.


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Hello this is Shikamai from Sakura hotel ikebukuro.

If you come to Japan in the spring, you will see many Japanese people wear a mask.
Some Sakura staffs do that like this.


Guess why???
You might be able to figure it out through Leo's face. haha.
We are suffering from something.

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Estamos a 1 de Abril y ya se están cayendo las flores de los árboles de Sakura (cerezos).

Este año se han adelantado un poco, lo normal es que los primeros días de abril aún queden más flores en Tokio pero en algunos sitios ya han comenzado a salir las hojas verdes.

Por cierto, aprovecho para comentar que en unas pocas horas me voy una semana de vacaciones, lo siento mucho pero no voy a estar disponible para contestar mensajes ni comentarios durante unos días. Si tienen dudas, en cuanto llege el día 8 de abril comenzaré a contestarlas, como siempre muchas gracias por leerme!


Este árbol de la foto hace unos días estaba así de bonito y hoy está casi verde. Pronto les pondré fotografías de un mismo árbol con una semana de diferencia para que puedan comparar como cambian.


La cena de hoy: Medusa con pepino. Las medusas no aportan grasas, y su contenido en proteínas es escaso, aunque son ricas en colágeno, por lo que se les atribuyen propiedades curativas siendo un alimento ligero y apetecible. Estas de la foto están aderezadas con encurtido picante y sésamo, están buenísimas!

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You can also call 03-3971-2237(+81-3-3971-2237)