Hello guys!

How you all doing?

Cherry Blossom season is going to finish soon and it's getting warm in Tokyo.

I can't wait for the summer!!!!!

By the way, there are so many guests staying with us repeatedly and one lovely guests who does drawing, he came back with his very new Manga a few weeks ago for the first time in more than 1 year.

Mr. Andik from Indonesia


This manga is named "LAY-LAY CAT", it's an easy short comic that suits even for people not from English speaking country.


He said you can read it online as well.

Got this pretty autograph on the last page of the manga :)



Thank you very much for coming back and your manga!!!!

If you have any hobbies or something that you are proud of, please share it with us!

A guy from L.A. who owns hair´╝ćmake school, he showed me his works of runway on his phone.
I really enjoyed listening to his story.

We are happy to hear you and help you.

Please never hesitate to talk to us when you stay with us !!!!

Posted by: Rino (April 9, 2018 6:00 PM)

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