Hello everyone!
This is your favorite blogger, Hoka, writing once again.
This year, spring comes early and Sakura has already fully bloomed!
The other day, Sakura Hotel team has brought our guests from different countries to have a picnic at the famous Chidorigafuchi park.
The guests comes from all over the world! They are from Italy, Singapore, USA, and the Netherlands.

We came at the perfect timing!


Good weather, Perfect temperature, full bloomed sakura, and friendly guests!This time, we had a special guest, Imada san from Japanese Sake and Shochu information centre
Thanks to Imada san, everyone could try different types of Sake!

Kanpai! before we started the event!


We made booth for Japanese Sake, and everyone could try 3 different type of sake.


Japanese sake is afterall decilicious! even our Italian guests love it.

Lastly, we had a traditional game called 'slipper relay' which we had to pass the slippers from one end to the other end using just our feet.
It may look easy, but its harder than it looks!


To those who are interesting in joing for our Sakura picnic, please come and join us next year!


Posted by: hawker (April 6, 2018 3:17 PM)

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