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Today...I'd like to introduce our agencies
I went to them for my studying
We has restaurant,bar and hotel at Various locations
It's located in the city center, such as Ginza and Harajuku

There has 3shops
No cover charge.150 kinds of cocktails,from 300yen


Tokyo's most delicious Okonomiyaki and Monjayaki speciality restaurant!

We hope looking forward to your visit!!

Thank you for reading!!

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How are you.

Cherry blossam is blooming? here in Tokyo!


?I went to "Sakura-tei" and "300Bar".?

First of all, Harajuku's "Sakura-tei"! Okonomiyaki shop, but I was puzzled for a moment with a very stylish appearance. (Lol) But the inside is full of the smell of delicious Okonomiyaki! It was full of foreign customers. The shop is also very wide, and it seems to be party as well. All you can eat 1500 yen 90 minutes ,, Monjaya and Okonomiyaki eating too much ????! !


↑ Entrance


↑ The fashionable ceiling?

Next is "300 Bar".

There are three stores here. The atmosphere was different each shop, but it was exciting regardless of nationality. There were people who came alone after work! Of course the Drinks are also good.


↑ Japanese Mojito

Please try these. Thank you.


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Ya estamos en plena floración de los Sakura (cerezos) en Tokio, las calles están preciosas y hace un tiempo perfecto para ir a los parques y los templos para disfrutar de este espectáculo de la naturaleza.


A continuación pongo algunas fotografías de hoy, ayer y antes de ayer que he sacado en mis últimos paseos, esta de arriba la he hecho en el templo Koyashu en Ikebukuro.


Toda la rivera que hay en la zona de Itabashi está plagada de árboles de Sakura, mucha gente viene a admirarlos y pasear por los alrededores así que se nota un ambiente muy animado y especialmente festivo.

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Hello there.
This is Leo from Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro.

How's going??


Have you ever been to Tokyo Disney Land??

We head to there when we want to escape to reality lol

I'm gonna put Cinderella Castle with projection mapping picture so check it out!!

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One of the most popular sightseeing spots in Tokyo is Asakusa.
Since the area was developed thanks to the large old buddhism temple called Sensouji,
it still has a lingering atomosphere of Edo period, which is the last Samurai era.


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Hello, how are you!? "Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro" is a popular hotel for tourist all over the world. Guest paste their picture on this world map where you come from. This is our motivation, thank you guys.



 Sevaral guests also come back every year to stay with us,It is probably because we are tring to make this place cosy everyday;), If you are intrested in, please read more.....


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Hello everyone and nice to meet you. This is Hiroshi at Sakura Hotel IKEBUKURO.

I have been working as trainee in Sakura Hotel IKEBUKURO since 3days ago.

I worked for Travel Company before here, and went to various overseas as tour conductor.

I'd like to talk about JAPAN, your country and so on.

I hope you'll all have a great time and looking forward to meeting with you someday!



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Hello! This is your favorite blogger blogging once again.
Being a foreigner who has been living in Japan, I have experienced so many culture difference compared to the few countries that
I have lived before.
Please let me share some of the Do's and Dont's in Japan so that you have some insight into what you should and shouldn't do in this country.
of the rising sun.

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This is Rino! It's been a while!

I was at SAKURA HOTEL NIPPORI for 1month and just came back here yesterday.

Sakura Hotel Nippori is one of our branchs that opened about 1 year ago.


Their rooms are all Japanese style with Tatami.

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