Konnichiwa-! Hellooooo!! This is Shikamai

Actually It is been 3 years since I worked for Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro. Surely time flies.
I heve seen so many lovely guests from around the world, and they gave me happy moments a lot .
That's why I could keep up the work here.


Well today let me show you our lovely guests who I met recently !

Happy family from spain! Very very good teamwork!!
Grandpa and grandma are originally Argentina.


Cute brothers from Taiwan. Looked like twins.
Little bit shy..Kawaii^^


They were also from Taiwan.
It was the first snowing for them! Lucky guys!!


Friendly family from Korea.
Father has stayed in Sakura before. Come back to stay with his sons!
One of them speak Japanese very well.


I want to say? Arigatooo Thank you for ALL GUESTS stayed wit us !!!!

Posted by: shikamai (February 11, 2018 7:48 PM)

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