Hello everyone!

This is Hoka once again writing the blog.
If you ever asked me what is the best motivation for me working in Sakura Hotel, i can definitely say that 'The Guests' that I have met are
the most precious things for me.
Not only as a guests in the hotel, I feel that i have made so many friends around the world just under one roof we called Sakura Hotel.
Everyone has been really nice to me sharing their trips in Japan & stories from their own country.
Please let me share the friends that I have met last year.


From Pakistan


My first ever Pakistani friends.They are a band from Pakistan and they came to Japan to perform in an event in Ueno.
Thank you for treating me so much Pakistani food!

From Germany


We went to Kawagoe together and dressed up as Samurai!
I didnt know that covering yourself in a Samurai Suit makes you feel like a celebrity.
(Everyone nearby started taking pictures of you).
Thanks, I'm Japanese Iron Man.

The Aussie Kids


Thanks for making the whole place lively! We'll be looking forward for your visit again this year!

The Philipines


They said that they have choosed Sakura Hotel over other hotels in Tokyo because they love interacting with all the staffs.
The atmosphere is what makes it feel like home!
Thank you very much!

Russia & Spain


Recently, i had the opportunity to take part in a guided tour for our guests.
Even though the russian guests were not able to speak Japanese nor English well, we became really good friends!
(You dont need to know how to speak each other's language to make friends)

Hopefully all of you will return to Japan, and take the opportunity to stay in our hotel!

Posted by: hawker (January 6, 2018 4:04 PM)

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