Hello Everyone!

In the past, I have introduced you my most adorable pet hedgehog, Azuki-chan!
Its been really cold lately and Azuki chan will go to hibernate, just like any other mammals during the winter.
(I want to hibernate too...)

Before hibernating, she will not stop eating and eating...
and she will get really round and fat.


Azuki chan: i cant wait to eat these bad boys in seconds.


Azuki chan starts diggin in on her food!


doesnt she look fat? she has grown 4 times the size in 2 years!

There's a recent craze towards hedgehogs in Japan lately.
Everyone seems to be wanting to get them as pets, and if you are not into taking the responsibilities,
there are many hedgehogs cafe that emerge all over Tokyo!
You can get to these cafes to drink while petting on these adorable creatures!

Here is where you can get to pet them!
1. Cafe Harry
(Available places: Roppongi, Harajuku

2. Hanao Garden


Everyone knows that Azuki chan is overweight, so we are trying to get her to run on the treadmill.
So far, the mission is not very successful. Try harder!

By the way, Christmas and new year are coming soon.
If you have no plans yet, join the Christmas spirit and go ahead to Sakura Hotel & Cafe to celebrate with us!
There are plenty of delicious food and beers from all over the world.


Even Azuki chan has joined the Christmas spirit.
Her house has been upgraded to look like Christmas! I'm sure she will enjoy her new home!
Good night everyone!

Posted by: hawker (December 13, 2017 6:34 AM)

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