Hey! This is your favorite blogger Hoka once again writing the blog!
Do you know every month, Sakura hotel often organize various event for guests!
Since its the Autumn season, we had a chance to bring our guests to the famous Samurai garden in Hamarikyu!

Today, our team consist of guests from different countries!
1. Russia
2. Singapore
3. Spain
4. Brazil
5. Germany


So what are you waiting for? Lets go~

Left Sakura Hotel to go to Hamarikyu!
Look at how everyone's getting excited along the way.
On board to the crowded train! Hopefully no one gets lost before reaching Shimbashi station!


instead of walking, yoshino san choose to fly instead!


we are approaching hamarikyu! it is such a perfect weather today for a walk.



We are blessed to have TCGC group to guide us for the tour!?
They speak really fluent English and are very knowledgeable towards the area.
Along the way, they explained the history of Hamarikyu!


Quiz: Do you know that there was an elephant living in Hamarikyu in the past?
and one person had an idea to sell it's droppings as cosmetics!

Here are the some of the best sceneries in Hamarikyu!


Posted by: hawker (November 29, 2017 4:47 AM)

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