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Hello guys! It's Rino.

Have you ever been to Melbourne Australia????

As you know, Melbourne is known for artistic city. And It really was.

These are pictures I took at a famous wall art place in last October.


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Hello, everyone.
This is Hayato.
How are you doing?

Today, I am writing about a new branch of our hotel which is called 'Sakura Hotel NIppori'.
It is located at Nippori or Yanesen area.
You can directly come to Nippori from Narita airport and easily come from? Haneda airport by train.

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Hi there. It's Rino from Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro.

I have been thinking where I'd go this summer these past few weeks.

What is your plan for this summer?

Making a plan is one of the most exciting part of travel for me.

By the way, have you ever ridden a Hot Air Ballon?

I tried it just once in Cairns, Australia which is my latest trip.


We had to wake up in the very early morning because temperature really does matter to make Hot Air Ballon floats and an early morning is the best time to do it, staff said.

Can you feel how big they are!??!?!?!??

Our ballon was the orange one with kangaroo!

About 10?15 people were on the ballon and just 1 guy controlled everything.



It was just amazing.

The ballon floats really calmly, air was really fresh and THIS VIEW!!!!



We got back to our hostel around 9am.

This activity suits people who want to refresh with the freshest air and who like being active even from an early morning!

You should try it once in your lifetime!



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Hoy voy a hablar de la casa donde vivió el escritor de novelas y relatos de misterio y de terror llamado Edogawa Rampo.


Edogawa Rampo es el seudónimon de Hirai Taro (1894-1965) y fué uno de los precursores del género detectivesco en Japón.


La casa donde vivió y tuvo su gran biblioteca está en el barrio de Ikebukuro, muy cerca de nuestro hotel. Se puede visitar y la entrada es gratuita.

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Hello, everyone (^^)/

Here is a new staff in Sakura hotel.
I'm Ogata Sumire, 25 years old, from Kumamoto.

I was in Toronto, Canada to work and study English for a year.


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