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The spring has come.
More and more tourists will come to Tokyo because it is the best season
with cherry blossom blooming and all.

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Hello! What have you been up!?

This is JMB from Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro :)

I went to Iwate Prefecture to visit Chusonji Temple which is World Heritage.

Maybe soon I will complete for visiting places of World Heritage in Japan.


Konjikido Golden Hall is amazing.

Please look this official websie first.

I cannot imagine this Golden building and ornament was founded in 1124.

We can feel the sense of beauty and how people dedicated their heart to Buddism world.


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Hello, I am Hayato from Sakura Ikebukuro.
Nice to see you again, everyone.
I think you are excited about cherry blossoms.

They are usually in full bloom end of March,
but they are not in full bloom this year.
Of course, some cherry blossoms are blooming.

I took these pictures near my home today.



Don't worry about cherry blossoms.
It was warm day and it will have been warm,
so cherry blossoms will be blooming very soon.
See you soon.

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This is Daiji from Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro.

I really would like to introduce today's topic.

It's Horumon BBQ.

I know that you think What Horumon is!!

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Konnichiwa-- Helloo world !!

Tokyo is a really busy ctiy.
But there is a calm place as well.
Going to find that kind of place is my favorite thing in my life in Tokyo.

Today I'm going to introduce one of them to you.
I went to here!


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Hello there!!

From March to April it's a hay fever season in Japan.

So I take a medicine everyday.

I really hate taking medicine but there is no other choice...

Please someone give me advice some tips about hay fever if you have.


I'm gonna put some picture about Ghibli again so check it out!!

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Comienza el buen tiempo y en las calles de Tokio se nota ya el ambiente que precede al gran evento que es la floración de los cerezos en Japón.


El 5 de Mayo se celebra el día de los niños (El día de las niñas es el 3 de Marzo) y ya en los comercios, restaurantes, escaparentes y tiendas podemos ver los adornos que se colocan en las casas con niños.

Se trata de cascos de Samurai y de unas banderas en forma de Carpa llamadas "Koi no bori".


En el aeropuerto de Haneda en una juguetería me topé con que tenían expuesto nada más y nada menos que a Robby el robot, el original empleado en el rodaje de la película Planeta Prohibido (Forbidden planet) de 1956.

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我今天給你們介紹 仲見世.

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School group was check in yesterday.

They are students from Singapore who come to our hotel every year!
Students are different every time, but we are glad that the school choose us again ;)

(The group from Singapore)

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